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A brand that has existed for over 100 years, Marvin windows were designed to offer their customers a robust selection of window and door solutions to effortlessly match any and all needs. With a range of custom and modern solutions, it’s no wonder they’re at the forefront of all window innovations. Today, Marvin proudly offers their Ultimate, Elevate, and Signature Coastline impact window product lines to defend your home. Engineered to withstand the difficult coastal weather conditions all South Floridians have come to know, the Signature Coastline windows are designed to not only keep you safe on a daily basis, but also elevate your home’s appearance the minute they’re installed.

Why Choose Marvin Windows Over Other Impact Window Brands?

Marvin windows are a popular choice among homeowners due to their combination of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Some of the key reasons why a homeowner would want to choose Marvin windows over other impact window brands include:

-Durability: Marvin windows are known for their long-lasting durability and resistance to impact from severe weather conditions, making them a great choice for coastal or hurricane-prone areas.

-Energy Efficiency: Marvin windows offer a range of energy-efficient options, such as triple-paned glass, low-E coatings, and argon gas fills, which can help reduce a homeowner’s energy bills and increase the overall comfort of their home.

-Aesthetic Appeal: Marvin windows are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose windows that perfectly match the look and feel of their home.

Overall, Marvin windows offer a combination of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from other impact window brands and makes them a popular choice among homeowners.

Marvin Impact Windows Product Lines

Coastline Impact Windows

One of Marvin’s flagship product lines, the Coastline impact windows provide homeowners with stunning views, aesthetic enhancements, and tremendous defense against Mother Nature’s worst. The coastline impact windows are engineered utilizing aluminum frames and impact-resistant glass to withstand the highest wind speeds and flying debris caused by the toughest of storms. Coastline impact windows are designed and manufactured here in Florida, so you can rest assured knowing that your products are made with your South Florida home in mind.

Key Features

-Made For South Florida’s Weather: Coastline impact windows are engineered to withstand the intense winds and flying debris that come with tropical storms and hurricanes, having been approved for high velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ). The products are made from robust extruded aluminum and feature impact-resistant glass, ensuring they meet the strict standards set by Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida.

-Stunning Appearance: Coastline offers a vast selection of product types, sizes, configurations, and design options to fit the unique needs and styles of any home. The windows and doors have narrow sightlines, creating a sleek and attractive appearance free from unsightly shutters. The industrial-grade finishes used in the products are corrosion-resistant and fade-resistant, ensuring that the color, shine, and beauty of the windows and doors will endure for years to come.

-Tremendous Sizing Options: Marvin Coastline presents grand views with its large glass and enormous sizes, making your most daring projects a reality. Create a bold statement with a decorative, large-scale entry door or showcase breathtaking views with vast areas of glass on the inside—all of which can be customized to your unique specifications and design preferences. With Marvin Coastline, you have the flexibility to design with confidence and bring your vision to life.

Marvin Coastline Technical Specifications

Ultimate Impact Windows

Our Ultimate product line boasts stunning impact-rated windows and doors that are both visually appealing and robust. As one of the few window manufacturers to offer premium high-quality extruded aluminum cladding as standard, our products stand out in the market. The finish on the Ultimate products exceeds industry standards and meets AAMA 2605 specifications for extruded aluminum, the highest standard available. The pre-treatment process, required by AAMA 2605, ensures the best possible long-term adhesion of the coating to the metal. The cladding is formed first and then painted, resulting in products that retain their color, shine, and beauty for years. Marvin also offers several all-wood Ultimate windows that are impact rated for the tough coastal weather conditions of South Florida.

Marvin Ultimate Technical Specifications

Elevate Impact Windows

Our Elevate impact-rated windows and doors are constructed with fiberglass, a durable material that features UV-resistant finishes to endure the sun. The material has been tested and meets AAMA 624 standards, demonstrating its resistance to weathering and fading over time. Additionally, the Elevate impact rated products boast Design Pressure Ratings that surpass industry standards. Marvin’s Elevate product line comes with a concealed reinforcement system that ensures maximum protection without ever sacrificing the aesthetic enhancements that you’ll come to enjoy each and every day. From the moment they’re installed, they’re immediately ready to defend against any storm.

Marvin Elevate Technical Specifications

Trust Broward Impact As Your Marvin Impact Window Supplier

With over 20 years of experience as South Florida’s trusted wholesale impact window company, we’re proud to be the approved dealer, supplier, and installer of Marvin windows. Our team provides exceptional customer service and expert advice to ensure you find the right solution for your home or business. We offer a wide selection of high-quality Marvin Impact Windows, all backed by a strong manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind. Plus, with fast and efficient installation services, you can enjoy the protection and beauty of your new windows sooner than ever before. Don’t settle for less—choose Broward Impact for the best in Marvin Impact Windows. Contact us today to learn more about securing your windows with Broward Impact!