How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?

Breaking Down The Cost of Impact Windows

Impact windows have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their ability to protect homes and buildings from severe weather conditions and provide added security. However, one aspect that often puzzles consumers is how much impact windows will cost them.

The elusive cost of impact windows can vary based on several factors including:

Raw Material Costs

One primary factor influencing the price of impact windows is the cost of raw materials. Impact windows are typically made using materials such as laminated glass, reinforced frames, and high-quality hardware. The prices of these materials can vary due to factors such as demand, availability, and manufacturing costs. For instance, if the cost of raw materials increases due to scarcity or increased demand, manufacturers may pass on these expenses to consumers, resulting in higher window prices.

Window Size and Design Complexity

The size and design complexity of impact windows can significantly influence their cost. Larger windows require more raw materials and increased manufacturing effort, which can result in higher prices. Similarly, intricate designs, such as arched or custom-shaped windows, demand additional craftsmanship and precise detailing, adding to the overall cost. Therefore, homeowners seeking impact windows should consider the size and complexity of their desired project when evaluating prices. Broward Impact offers free on-site estimates. This allows us to get a first-hand view and understanding of your home or business and the size, amount, and complexity of your project.

Level of Impact Resistance

Impact windows are classified based on their ability to withstand high winds and debris impact during hurricanes or severe storms. The level of impact resistance required by local building codes and regulations can impact the cost of the windows. Windows designed to withstand higher wind pressures and impact forces typically involve additional reinforcement, thicker glass, and stronger frames, which contribute to increased costs.


The cost of impact windows is not limited to the windows themselves; installation expenses must also be taken into account. Factors such as the number of windows, accessibility of the installation site, and the complexity of the installation process can influence the overall cost. Windows in high-rise buildings or properties with limited access may require specialized equipment, resulting in additional expenses. Additionally, the presence of existing window frames that need to be removed or modified can impact the installation cost.

The price of impact windows fluctuates due to several core factors, including raw material costs, manufacturing techniques, window size and design complexity, energy efficiency features, and market demand and competition. By understanding these factors, homeowners can make informed decisions when evaluating impact window options and determine the best balance between price, quality, and desired features. Thankfully, Broward Impact makes it a breeze. With our knowledgeable staff and wholesale pricing for all projects, we’re confident that we’ll provide you with the best deal on high-quality impact windows for your south florida home. Contact us today at 954-922.0606 to schedule your consultation today!

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